Find Golf Ball

Keep Losing Balls?

For the price of a lake ball, never lose that brand new pro-grade golf ball ever again.

Playing a little wayward today? Pulled that tee shot into the trees? Or the rough?

Don’t worry, launch Find Golf Ball!

Remember that 300 yard bomb, followed by the “club twirl”? No problem finding that. As you keep walking, there is no ball sitting proudly on the fairway… Oh no, its probably plugged out of sight.

Don’t worry, launch Find Golf Ball!

Ball in the Rough
Plugged Lie
Another Plugged Lie

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence and the latest techniques from Apple with Machine Learning, and CoreML, to find your <ahem> lost golf balls!

A superbly simple-to-use app to help you on the fairways, the woods or anywhere in fact.Just point, you don’t even need to shoot.

“The camera never lies”. Unlike your frantic eyes as the search countdown ticks away. The Machine Learning algorithm is working 25 frames per second, checking anything & everything it sees.

Vibration and visual feedbacks will help you along the way.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is a fully customisable countdown timer! Make sure you stay within the rules. This can be set to any time you want, ahead of upcoming (2018) rules changes, or even be toggled on or off for friendly games.



£0.99 | $0.99

Requirements: iOS 11+, iPhone only.


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